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Default Announcing public beta for BAMP, virtual bass amp JS-plugin!

The AmpEra 1.0 is just around the corner, but I had to play catch up and make an amp for the bass as well.
I hereby open a public beta program for my upcoming free virtual bass amp sim plugin BAMP.

Notable features:

- Two parallel channels with a blend slider, each with individual compressors, gain, EQ, and tweeter level.
- Includes a bypassable IR speaker selection of (currently) eight speakers (+ tweeter) from a combo to a man-tall speaker tower!
- Fourteen distortion modes for the "Drive" channel, from natural overdrive to totally overblown bass synth sounds!
- Seven band graphic EQs can be adjusted or reset individually, or together for both channels.
- Plugin is in JS format only.

As the version number 0.3 suggests, the plugin is still at an early beta stage. This means that the sounds, features and looks will change before version 1.0. If you really need to use a beta version in a project, hold on to the specific BAMP version, since the sounds will change and the beta versions will not be available at a later time.

Beta program

The beta is free to download and try. If you do try it, please let me know what you like and what you don't, regarding sounds, looks, and functionality. Your input will be crucial in determining how the plugin shapes up!

Download link:

Other links:

Discussion about my other plugins.
Public beta of the AmpEra virtual guitar amp plugin.
mrelwood plugins website.

Thank you!

Version history:
0.3: First open beta.
0.31: Shift-drag or Shift-double-click a knob or slider to adjust both channels at the same time.
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