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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
This is already the best sounding bass amp sim I've used, including several pedals I own. Great job!
I've been humbled and made proud about my plugins by your guys' comments, but this time I'm honestly surprised. I'm not satisfied myself just yet. But I am sure happy to read that you already are!

Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
Here I see BAMP using slightly above 8% CPU. AmpEra uses roughly 9%. So the difference is not that big. Maybe AmpEra's sleep mode is not that useful either?
Are you using external impulses on the AmpEra? Because as a full-featured standalone plugin on my computer the AmpEra uses almost double the CPU cycles than BAMP.

We should see soon what kind of solution I'll come up with for the sleepyhead AmpEra.

Yeah, the Duck... I don't think I'll be using it any day soon
Don't bash it until you blend it with the clean channel just right... It may well be usable for a little added attack and punch! ... and quack...

Thanks again for these great FXs.
They are really great!
Thanks man! Lovely to hear that!
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