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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
AmpEra = 4.25%
BAMP = 3.3%

That's with HQ turned all the way off, no room/delay, no gate, so that AmpEra's CPU is as low as I can make it. (Internal cab sim in AmpEra is turned on though.)
That is close to what Iím seeing as well. Havenít checked how much, but BAMP CPU will be lower when only one channel is in use, the EQ is flat, and compressors are not used.

When dragging the graphic EQ controls for both channels simultaneously, the change doesn't occur until I stop/restart playback.
Oh darn, of course! Time for 0.32...

Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
It would be so nice to have this in reapack way easier to install and to get update for testing while still in active development :P
I have to examine the ReaPack functionality in detail before going that route. But I am aware that at least for some people it would be a big deal.
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