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Originally Posted by jrk View Post
what's with that funny little noise around 14.7 kHz? Is this some aliasing thing?
Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
I noticed the 14.6 and 14.8 kHz spikes as well. They come from Twtr; turning Twtr to zero they disappear.
BAMP doesn't (yet?) do any oversampling, so aliasing would be my first guess. But if it only comes with the Tweeter enabled, I'll have to check if the Tweeter impulse is ok. Thanks for reporting!

Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
One major suggestion, please change the blend slider from a linear slider to a curve of some sort. Not enough wiggle room dialing in 'just a bit' of distorted into the clean channel.
That is definitely a reasonable suggestion. Will do!

Minor suggestion: bigger UI please?
I'd prefer not to make it any wider. Do you think more height would help?

Stock cab models are excellent.
Sorry, nothing I can do about that at this point!

Thanks guys, your feedback is immeasurably valuable! And great to hear that you like the plugin so much already!
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