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Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
Comp Gain LowCut HighCut Tweeter
EQ Channel 1
EQ Labels
EQ Channel 2
Comp Gain LowCut HighCut Tweeter
Thatís an interesting idea. A few of my plugins have a scalable UI, but the layout is always the same rectangular one. I may experiment with this idea.

I didn't know you could click on Gain. XD
Yeah... I know it isnít obvious enough. Letís try a proper button in there.

Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Something else I noticed: if the fx window is really wide, somewhere off to the right of BAMP I can see numbers that indicate the settings of the graphic EQ.
There they are! Those rascals keep running away, I was wondering where they went! *facepalm*
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