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Lightbulb Stylus RMX - one folder, eight tracks, basta!

Finally... don't know why this made me such a hassle, but anyway, here it is:

the Stylus RMX AiO Folder Track Template!

All you Cubendo users out there will love me.

It consists of a folder track which has a Stylus RMX in its FX chain. Within these folders are eight tracks that act as well as MIDI as also as audio tracks. This is achieved using feedback routing - logically, you must have "Allow Feedback Routing" in your project preferences enabled.

(Actually, it's not really feedback, since we route only MIDI to audio, never audio to audio.)

The cool things about this template are:

- you have the Stylus FX itself on the folder, allowing you to have the GUI quickly at your hand in the MCP
- instead of seperating between audio and MIDI tracks (both using an individual folder) you have everything concerning Stylus in one folder
- you can still insert FX for each of Stylus' outputs individually
- you can also insert FX for all outputs to the folder track (group FX)
- one click makes everything concerning Stylus hiding in the TCP.

The track template autoloads a groove multi for testing/demonstration purposes, so first time you load it up it'll take a long time. I suggest to replace the grooves by something lighter ("Soundcheck", for example) and save your own template with this multi.

Have fun with this!
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