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Heh heh, wow, 1200 watts. Back several years ago when I built me XP computer I told the guy at the computer store I wanted at least 450 watts and he thught I was crazy.

Originally Posted by hopi View Post
about the SSD... simply put yes, IMHO it is 'the' way to go.
Firstly, that particular SSD is the only one that gets stellar reviews across the board. You can find all that online.

I install a lot of stuff and need all what room so to me it's worth the cost for the speed.
I don't know much about ssd yet. Aside from faster loading programs does the ssd also speed up things when you inside and working with a program? Like Reaper?

Now worth mentioning that the asus mobo with it's utilities will allow a way to install the OS on a SATA HD and use the SSD [of any size] as a cache, that will boost the SATA's performance... but I opted to just use the SSD as is and prefer that for my needs.
That I will definitely have to check out.

Thanks hopi.
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