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yeah could have gotten by with less than 1200 watts, but it's their top of the line modular PS... and it costs very little more than the next ones down... so why not...

ssd's... ah yes well my first time around with them and lemme tell ya, I wish I was really fat, I'd have a pile of them!

Super Talent makes a 2 TB pci unit... but it's about the cost of my whole system...

are they faster? on clean win 7 64 install, boot up to desktop was 8 seconds. Now with MUCH more happening during boot up, it's slower, but still spritely by any standards I've ever encountered.

But fair warning... all ssd's are not the same... READ the reviews and tech test reports... Tom's Hardware has some as do others.

There are not that many with totally glowing reviews. The Neutron GTX is one of the few.

What I'd love to have is ssd room enough for all the Kontakt libs... well someday, maybe, who's nose baby...
...should be fixed for the next build...
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