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yes it is very quiet... the fans barely run unless there is some major load on the cpu... and to do that takes some doing...

but there is more to it to get this done easily...

In my case [pun intended] it is pretty easy, so that is the point:

you won't like this at first thought, but... IMHO it IS the way to go.

this is the case I have:

but now they have an even better one:

IMO, worth every damn penny!

and then the cooler used is this:

the "i" in the name is important... if you go shopping.

so the thing is this... to make that cooler work with the sabertooth mobo which has a unique config of cpu and ram, you NEED some case room... but I like lotta case roon anyway...

The big obsidian cases [800D or better] give plenty of room and make for a quite easy build.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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