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Originally Posted by SEA View Post
So here's what I'm looking at for my new daw. I haven't ordered any of the parts yet, just putting it together on paper. Hopi... I'm taking a lot of your suggestions (thanks) and I would appreciate any other suggestions from the forum as well!

Case = Obsidian Series® 900D Super Tower Case

CPU = Intel Core i7-4930K Ivy Bridge-E 3.4GHz LGA 2011 130W 6-Core

Mobo = Asus Sabertooth X79

Cooler = Corsair H100i

PSU = Either the Corsair RM Series 850 Watt ATX/EPS 80PLUS Gold-Certified Power Supply or the Corsair 1200 ax modular.

Memory = 64 gb Corsair Vengance

Video = NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card or perhaps the new EVGA GTX 750 Ti.

OS = Win 7 64

Interface = Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (I've had this unit for a few years now).

As far as HD are concerned, I'll probably have 4 - 3T drives. 1 for the OS, 1 for recording, 2 for samples and archiving. I might bump up to 4TB drives since it's like $20 a TB now.

Any thoughts?

Looks very good to me SEA
LG makes a nice DVD burner that will do Blu Ray and everything else... you'll want something like that or even two of them... plenty of room in that 900D case.

Corsair either has or is about to have a new PSU... me? I'd get the most monster one they have... you know it don't use power unless it's needed, but they have done some kewl stuff with how it supplies power... [a VERY foundational, important thing]

Now as to HD's...

First... I HIGHLY suggest this for your boot drive:
..and I went with the 480 gb.... money, yes but you will never be sorry. Check with New Egg and Tiger Direct for prices and if they have them on hand!

HD's... well we can NEVER have enough it seems... I always start out thinking "now I have LOTS of room" and shortly need more. It's Murphy's Law of 'stuff'... "Stuff expands to fill all available space plus 20%"

Lately I've gotten into a couple 4TB Seagate NAS drives
...because of talking with their tech's about them. They are not 7200 rpm, but 5900 rpm... but also have some trick controllers to get the r\w speeds almost on a par with the 7200's.

The 'thing' about these is their specs for robustness... many, many times that of a normal HD.
So they are kewl to have a couple of, for storage where you don't need every ounce of speed. They are not slow but are a little less than 7200's. BUT super cost effective!!!

There are some 4TB 7200's but to me they are too costy...
So I go with a couple 3TB 7200's

You can get from Corsair, extra HD holders for about 10 bucks
That will let you swap almost instantly in that 900D, so you an have special extra HD's to back up things, etc.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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