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Excellent stuff, spk77!
Originally Posted by spk77 View Post

Here's another idea - "Pitch bend tool" (diving deep into the horrors of decaying sine um..curves).
(adjusting velocities in this gif)

While I think some tools to aid pitch bend editing would be awesome, the idea of varying sine curves doesn't interest me much. Instead, I'd suggest to focus on ways to vary the shape of a (single) curve.

Consider that most targets for pitch bend (typically, synths) can already achieve tremolo/vibrato effects simply by using a (synced) LFO modulating oscillator pitch, where one simply has to draw a ramp of modulation values to indicate the depth of the sine waves. For that (typical) case, it is quite a convoluted workflow. Also, while it may be attractive to see the curve shape 'exactly' on screen, for a variety of reasons the result of modulation by an internal LFO typically produces much smoother results. (Of course, on the other hand, this would very useful when this approach is not possible.)

Btw, while pitch bend data is 14 bits, most targets respond only to a lower (e.g. 8 bit) resolution. You may want to account for that by doing some 'magic' during processing, so one may avoid having redundant MIDI data.
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