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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
What means "git is available" if we need only one direct link to download (as X-Raym have for his own pack in his siganture)? Do you mean not every man has internet to download small file or someone use Dial-Up connection?
I mean we can't simply run a "git pull" to update the copy of the repository on the user's computers, because git is probably not installed there. The entire resource collection must be redownloaded including files that were not modified since the last time, unless we keep track of the updates and install only what the users wants. It's not a show stopper but it's a bit inefficient in my opinion.

Originally Posted by mpl View Post
If so I still think it is one more unnecessary stage for end user who wants to explore scripts stuff in work (not only by description), because a lot of stuff in the stash (for example) which I guess you will refers from that spreadsheet will be in zip archive and it will needs to be unpacked firstly, then manually added. So that not means easy automated process of installation.
The user doesn't use directly or even see the database/spreadsheet file by itself. It's is a single file that is downloaded regularly in the background by the installer and stays in the background.
The user should only have to interact with a searchable list of scripts sorted by category with buttons to install/update/uninstall, and a few settings (like auto-update on/off).

As for the remaining scripts in the stash, shouldn't we just host a copy of them in the repostory? This way the installer would not have to mess around with zip files it has unpack automatically.

Originally Posted by mpl View Post
etc which all can be editable on git easily.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this?

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