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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
see if there is new commit
It is bad idea (check previous posts).
There could be a lot commits even per hour! So I think information about major update of whole repo should going to user after manually pushing this update via date, for example (so updater after every REAPER run (optionally) will check current date and compare it with some file inside repo says about release date). Or update could be checked manually by user via manual downloading zip from GitHub or something like "Update" button inside extension (which automatically will download and extract archive).

I absolutely agree that every script needs header. What I don`t know is what synthax should be used to make header readable by extension. That why I stopped updating headers one by one manually.

(edit) As I said above inserting all scripts stuff into Action List make Action List grows dramatically. So main point of script manager should be editing action list than adding/removing files or other file operations. This actually can be done by script (except download/zip, I don`t know how to do it natively in Lua), although extension is better as every direct way to do something if possible.
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