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Installation instructions can be found in the read me-file that's included in the zip-file.

As for actually using it, simply put DrumReaplacer on any track where you want to replace a drum, lower the threshold until you hear it in action.

No of voices decides how many samples that can be played back at the same time.

Original signal and Replaced signal is exactly what it sounds like : )

No of samples found shouldn't be changed by the user, it just displays how many individual samples that were found in the Sample source file.

Threshold decides how strong a hit in the original signal has to be for DrumReaplacer to consider it a hit and replace it.

Round robinity forces variation in the sample selection process, use it to avoid the "machine gun effect" in for example snare fills. (To be specific, the Round Robinity slider decides how many other samples that has to be trigged before the first sample can be re-trigged.)

Retrigger interval is the minimum time between two trigs. Use it to avoid multiple trigs on one hit (which could happen at very low threshold settings).

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