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As I see in WireShark, in fact (IMHO rather decently), the OSC device answers to an OSCIIbot message by an UDP/OSC block directed to the port number given as a sender in the received block.

If in OSCIIbot the OSC input and output devices are independent (as it seems from EEL code), how can the @output as a sender port address provide the port number the @input is initiated to listen on ?

Seemingly the sender port number is defined (by Windows?) as some random number when @output is called. Using Wireshark, I can see an new number with any start of OSCIIbot.

I checked that it's not possible to use an @input device do send to:

@input XR18out OSC "" //trying to define the target address here
results in
"Error listening for ''"
oscsend(): output device 0.000000 invalid


@output XR18out OSC ""
@input XR18out OSC "*:10024"

results in

Warning: device name 'XR18out' already in use, skipping @input line


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