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OSCII-bot gives 1024 "string slots" and named string variables that can be used more flexibly for storage for the LCD display's contents than [] style arrays & memory offsets
I still don't get it, tbt. Let's take an average project. It would have around 30 tracks. At least 5 FXs on each track. At least 16 parameters for each FX. In real life, it'll be around 100 parameters per FX. That's already 2400 strings. Plus track names, track volume/pan/arm/solo/mute values and so on.
In normal languages, it's possible to use multi-dimensional arrays (or tables, in Lua's case). So, there would be no problem to store all that info from Reaper and update it, when needed, using arrays.

Please, tell me the proper way to use strings for that kind of task.
As I said before, the alternative would be refreshing the console each time when the mode is switched, which can happen quite often.
For example, the console is in mixer mode and I want to temporarily switch it into FX mode to change compressor's ratio on currently selected track.
I imagine pressing and holding FX button on the console, turning the first encoder, is mapped to ratio, then just release FX button and I'm back in mixer mode.
I need to see FX parameters on LCD to know which encoder should be turned. From my previous experience, updating the whole console with the corresponding action can take up to one second with default .reaperOSC file and most of this data would be irrelevant for the described task.
Storing that data in script seems like a reasonable alternative and usually strings aren't the best way of storing multiple types data.

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
There's probably some JSFX EEL2 code examples to be found too using strings like this.
Couldn't find any. Or do you mean like ReaScript stuff and not oscii-bot scripts?

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
Good luck with Sysex!
Thanks. I hope oscii-bot won't crash, like it celphor's fork did!
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