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Originally Posted by Veto View Post
I could be wrong but I'd say if you need more than a couple of string slots to merely pass values from one controller to another you are doing something wrong.
There's a nuance with an LCD. It can display limited amount of data.
The other thing is that you can't ask Reaper to send you specific data. It's either info about currently selected track/fx or all the info that is defined in the .reaperOSC file.
The first option isn't enough, while the second one is too much.

You know, LCD can show you two rows of text/data. For example, info about 8 pots, or 8 button, or 8 faders. User can switch between displayed info by pressing dedicated row buttons or touching the needed type of the controller to show the corresponding data.

And that type of data should be received from Reaper and stored somewhere, while it's not yet needed, but could be called anytime.

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