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Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
Suggest no need to ask Justin (yet). Use MidiOX or a similar midi monitor first to see what's going out to the Novation and even simulate some replies? This will help to see what is happening in Midi and whether the unexpected behaviour is OSCII-bot V0.5, your code, or possibly just to find and reverse engineer errors or differences between the Novation controller and its paper specification. Good luck....
I've tried Midi-OX a couple hours ago. Both with in/out of the controller and loopBe ports.
It only showed real SYSEX from the controller (switching from Automap mode and back), while sysex from oscii-bot wasn't listed in the monitor.
I've also printed that string into log of oscii-bot. Log showed the string as it should, but that's it.
I've tried sending the same sysex message many times directly from midi-ox/view/sysex and it worked fine.

All the above is with midi-ox.

The following is when the same command is sent from oscii-bot (sorry for big size):

The code that should clear the LCD. 02 is LCD commands, 02 04 clears LCD. Everything before it is just a universal header for this controller. It lights up some of the transport and other buttons, instead. Depending on the sysex code, more or less buttons will light up:
msg1 == 0xbf ? (    
      msg2 == 41 && msg3 > 0x00 ? midisend_str(midi_out, "F0 00 20 29 03 03 12 00 02 00 02 02 04 F7");
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