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Another way in which the script can surpass ReaComp, is by offering looooong RMS and Pre-Comp. Since the script does not run in realtime, plugin delay compensation is of no concern. (In the current version, the script's pre-comp only goes up to 100ms, which is less than ReaEQ's 250ms.)

EDIT: Would it work OK if I simply change these lines to larger values, say 1000ms and 2000ms?
PreComp.DW_New(3, "Slider", "H", 160,40,200,20, r,g,b,a, "Pre-Comp", "ms", 0, 0, 100, 0.1, 0);

RMSsize.DW_New(7, "Slider", "H", 160,160,200,20, r,g,b,a, "RMS size", "ms", 5, 0, 1000, 0.1, 1);

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