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Default Change live-playable channels by pressing computer keyboard buttons


I have a MIDI keyboard with no buttons for channel switching. Its USB-MIDI driver works well, so using Reaper I can play and MIDI-record the UVI Ravenscroft 275 Piano.

Now, I am trying to join a few VSTi (Piano, Violin, Cello etc) into a multi-timbre instrument for playing live, with a possibility to trigger patches using a computer keyboard as follows:

Pressing "1" activates Piano only;
Pressing "2" activates Violin only;
Pressing "3" activates Cello only;

What is important, the instruments should be triggered in a live session, without stopping the performance and using the mouse. I watched some tutorials about Reaper Actions and MIDI control surfaces, but still cannot implement the above scenario.

Tried to implement this already a few days: defined VSTi tracks, changed their channel options etc... Any help will be highly appreciated, especially mapping the instruments to 1-16 channels of a MIDI port for triggering live, like in Yamaha Motif keyboards.

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