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Originally Posted by AndrewGl View Post
The keyboard happens to be Kawai MP7.
I don't have access to an MP7, but I once tested it and I did like the keyboard. I like the VPC better, but the MP7's to me seems one of the best keyboards with non-straight hammers.

As the MP7 (other than the VPC 1) features lots of buttons, knobs and a kind of GUI, I can't believe it can't be made to send out dedicated midi messages for patch changing (supposedly Program Change messages). Those can be used for switching patches (e.g. using LiveConfigs (-> ) to mute/unmite the tracks with your sounds and/or sdend Program Change messages to Kontak or whatever saampler is holding sounds you want to activate.

Originally Posted by AndrewGl View Post
This will allow live playing of two independent melodies (e.g., on Cello and Piano) using two keyboards.
I do this using the VCP 1 and the DX7 I use as a light weighted master keyboard (plus the TEC BBC v2 Breath controller I use for trying to create realistic sounding Flute, Trumpet and Cello by the software from SampleModeling.)

BTW.: I hate using a Compute Keyboard / mouse / monitor in a Live situation. That is why I got the dedicated controller board after I lost the program change buttons the KX88 provided.


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