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I've just found out about your work by randomly typing "reaper push" and I'm blown away. I never knew I could set up a "variable" or java_home, but I can! Regions as scenes seems so useful to flesh out arrangement ideas. I used to do this with shortcuts, but with push its natural (i'm an ableton user as far as loop stuff goes). Anyway, I'm playing around with the script now and I've found few things I'd like to ask:
1. clip button doesn't work that well. For example loop on/off knob doesn't do anything for me and start time/ loop start time too. Its a shame, because these were most annoying things in reaper that could be done so elegantly with the push 1 win 8.1. Or maybe I just used it wrong? Anyway, tutorial on clip view (media item view I guess) would be helpful. Imagine you have a list of media items and you click select + clip = edit loop times, start time etc.
2. Is there a way to select input source from Push?
3. Is there any manual with list of functions? As a Reaper user I'm very much RTFM guy, so list should be helpful until I internalize all the menus etc. If not, maybe I could somewhat help you?
4. In my case "jog" sometimes acts wierd - even when i lift the finger from the knob it still moves and sound freezes/glitching. The project is 5 % cpu , 20 tracks ~
5. Is there a way to see more than 8 clips in one track ? Like move down in session view?
6. Is there a way to define looping points? For setting punch in/outs? Maybe knobs on grid and buttons? Also record mode selector is super useful
7. Sometimes redraw doesn't work. Its not as critical as in Live performance, but still annoying
8. Sometimes I get stuck in device mode, where it says select device or press add fx. there's only one white button (exit). I've got to go and hit 'refresh' to make it see actual devices
9. ReaEQ shows 0 db on gui but + 6 db on push.

Hope you like feedback!

P.S.: Unfortunately doesn't work on my win 10 32 bit machine

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