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Hi Justin,

By trying to keep localization in current state of REAPER development I encountered a few issues. Some of them are not really connected to localization, but as we're at it right now, I'll mention them anyway.

It's quite a lot of stuff, but since we're heading towards REAPER v6, I'd like to remind you of issues of which some of them exist a long time now.

So here goes:
  • In conjunction with the issue concerning center note naming in the virtual MIDI keyboard, mentioned in previous posts, there is something else that isn't quite right. We have the opportunity to enter notes in vkb via the computer keyboard and as it is shown in the screenshot, the idea behind this is, that you have a continuous follow-up layout of notes. But this applies only when using a computer keyboard with US layout (QWERTY). In other countries these layouts may differ.

    Here you can see that you can input notes from C2 to D#4 on the computer keyboard.
    But: using a German layed out keyboard (QWERTZ), keys do what they're shown in the pic. Will say: 'Z' still plays C2 and 'Y' plays A3. But these keys are exchanged on German keyboards. So playing notes after each other in a row on a US keyboard, you'd play C2, C#2, D2, D#2 ... G3, G#3, A3, A#3 ... all good, but when doing the same with a German keyboard you'd play A3, C#2, D2, D#2 ... G3, G#3, C2, A#3 ..., which means continuity is disturbed. This will probably occur on every keyboard not layed out in US style. Maybe the notes should be retrieved from the keyboard matrix, not letters and then the letters should be fetched from the matrix of the keyboard in use, to be displayed in the vkb window, if possible.

  • In the FX browser, when 'FX chains' is selected, the word 'Chain' i.e. the entry 'Chain: %s' can't be translated.

  • Still in the FX browser: When clicking on an item in the FX list and choosing 'Create shortcut...', and immediately close the dialog by clicking 'Cancel' without creating a shortcut at all, there still appears an additional menu item 'Delete shortcut' (and the menu item 'Edit shortcut...' is checked) although (by clicking 'Cancel') no shortcut has been assigned anyway. However: by choosing 'Delete shortcut' this menu item disappears, which would one expect. But it shouldn't be there in the first place, since no shortcut has been assigned at all and also 'Edit shortcut...' shouldn't be checked.
    (Sorry for mentioning this here as it seems to be not relevant to localizing at all. Shame on me!)

  • In dialog 199 the dropdown menus for 'Show grid, line spacing:' and 'Grid snap spacing:' can't be translated. In German especially the word 'Measure' looks extremely weird. This applies also to the MIDI editor (dropdown menu 'Grid').

  • In MIDI event list the term 'Key signature' can't be translated.

  • [cpumeter]
    The strings 'Disk read:', 'Disk write:', 'cur/avg:' and 'range:' should have their values included for formatting reasons as it is e.g. in strings like '%sCPU: %.1lf%%\n' or 'Latency: %.0fms'. The reason is that in German values and units are separated by a space. In German it's not '100%', '500ms' or '24bit', but '100 %', '500 ms' or '24 Bit' (A few of those 'non-space' items are still in the renderq dialog.) A bit nitpicky, I know, but that's the way it is if we want to do it properly.
    Here's a look at the cpumeter:

    And here an example of the table in the render dialog (427):

  • As stated recently, the menu item that shows render timings can't be translated.

    Here we have the same issue with missing spaces between values and the % character.

  • If a project contains markers and/or regions, they can be listed fine in the context menu of the transport bar. If there is none of them, the menu item '<no project markers/regions>' can't be translated.

  • The following works in main menu (Options -> Automation items), but not in the context menu for options of automation lanes.

  • There is still the issue with the tooltips in the grouping matrix.

    As you can see, it isn't quite feasible to have the settings of grouping just in one line, especially if these settings belong to a higher numbered group like e.g. 60 or so, since the tooltip undoubtedly will be truncated.

    So to have the tooltip in a readable way and to avoid that it's truncated when shown in a higher numbered group, I've tried to put it into several lines.
    The problem is that the comma is either at the beginning of the line and the close bracked stands crestfallen and forlorn in the last line...

    ...or the open bracket stands sadly and alone in the second line but with the commas where they belong.

    I found neither way to have acces to the comma nor to the brackets.
    Also the dark red arrow at the bottom of the tooltip is there to indicate that it (the tooltip) gets truncated if too many conditions are active.
    I'm aware that in most (if not all) cases it is pretty useless to define an element as master and slave at the same time, but even if it is, all these elements can be checked at the same time and thus shown in the tooltip. So it should be possible to show them all in the tooltip completely.
    Maybe master and slave settings should be mutual exclusive, but my insight into this is not deep enough to assess this.

  • There is also an inconsistency in the way dates and times are displayed in different dialogs. For instance, looking at the undo history, these values are shown in a correct way in terms of date/time formatting in German...

    ...but when looking at the render cue dialog date/time format looks like this:

  • In dialog 'Theme Development' dropdown menu(es) (more than 320 entries) can't be translated. (I know, you said this might be difficult).

  • In the toolbar submenues the item 'Main toolbar' still can't be translated. (You said, this could be difficult as well.)

  • Same goes for dialog 438, where the dropdown menu can't be translated.

  • When exporting notation sheets, containing text, to .pdf, no umlauts and other characters, not used in English, will work.
    Original example:

    PDF version:

    However, XML version loaded into Musescore works:

  • When selecting in the main menu item 'Help -> About REAPER', which in the German translation is shown (correctly) as 'Hilfe -> Über REAPER', the caption of the appearing dialog still shows 'About REAPER....' and the date (in this example) is shown as "(May 10 2019)" instead of "(20. Mai 2019)" or "(20.05.2019)".

    While it is understandable that the caption of the main REAPER window shows the real license state, at least the dropdown in the dialog should be localizable. Maybe besides the option "Hide registered name from main titlebar" there could be an option like "Hide license type from main titlebar", which could be hidden with the exception of "EVALUATION LICENSE", of course.

  • I'm still wondering, why this gap can't be used to display as much as possible of the undo string, at least if the information on the right hand side of the main menu bar allows this.

  • All the strings in the command line at the bottom of JS-, ReaScript... editors as well as video processor can't be translated.

  • Last not least I come to my absolute favorite.
    I proudly present: - - - The Crossfade Editor!
    This issue is in some way connected to localistion, because what you see next doesn't happen without it (IIRC).

    It's a GIF that shows 2 frames; Frame 1 shows the crossfade editor when first time opened in a session, the second one shows it when subsequently opened.

    When looking at this for a while you won't only notice that some entries can't be seen (frame 1) and that, no matter which '5CA1E' is used btw. the right hand side of the window is cut, but also that most elements move just slightly and some frames overlap (in frame 2) as well as that the transport buttons are gone (also in frame 2) although the size of the window itself didn't change.

    But when enlarging it by dragging the lower edge down to a size where all elements get reformatted and then go back to nearly the window's original size, we come back to the state we had when the window was opened first time.

    Also, if you look carefully, you'll notice that also the enlarged window doesn't align elements to places where they should go.
    This, btw. doesn't change, no matter how much you enlarge the window in either x or y direction.

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