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Default [DLG_587]

Hello Data,

It just didn't work for those two strings you displayed in red. But I also tested two other ways for one of the strings, and it didn't work either. Examples below.

CBE285DDEED94195=Default range:
E79C40C96A50EAC3= %d-%d bpm

4B2B2D1CDB2AA68F=Default range:
571CD0AAA28673A3D=%d-%d bpm

I also tested as path not only in [DLG_587] (working partially, as you had shown) See the picture. But also created for [DLG_278] and [DLG_287] and it didn't work.

If you can, take a look at this link: (and look at the picture)

Question: Did you get or create the code from this window for ARA?

[???????] (this code)
B5B044167DAD176F=ARA Analysis (Look at the pic.)

Thank you so much for your help!

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