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Default Audible Beeps On 2019 IMAC Pro During Playback

I recently purchased a 2019 iMac pro. The computer is running Mojve 10.14.6.
I downloaded REAPER OSx v593/64 bit.
The issue I'm experiencing is beeping in quiet spaces during playback.
For example, if I record myself counting from one to ten, I don't hear any beeps during the recording. Once I play the track back I hear an audible beep in the quiet spaces in between my voice. The beeps are during playback only.

I also have an older (2016) MacBook Pro running the same version of Mojve 10.14.6. as well as the same version of REAPER (5.983/64). I don't experience any beeping during playback with the MacBook.

I was wondering if anyone else here might using the 2019 iMac pro and having the same issue. Very frustrating to say the least.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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