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Default Need Help With Focusrite Solo Solo 2nd Gen Interface In Reaper Linux

Hello there Linux family,

I just bought a Reaper license today since I've been using Reaper forever, and have recently installed Debian on my old gaming / audio computer.

I have Debian running with Awesome Window manager, and have been loving it.

The only issue is that after installing Reaper with the included .sh script, and then running it, I was greeted with a message, "Error opening devices", There was an error opening the audio hardware.

I tried digging in previous posts on this forum, and the OP in this thread said he had to use "ALSA" to get his audio to work for this interface to have priority over pulseaudio:

With this in mind, can anyone lend a totally idiot beginner like myself a hand in terms of just linking to the right direction of what to do in a case like mine, as I would like to first be able to use my audio interface, and then also add what's called "JACK" and then "Carla" for VSTs later on.

I just got an Arturia MIDI keyboard that I'm excited to try out the related Arturia V collection synths in Reaper Linux with, but am stumbling on the beginning steps of getting the audio interface to work.

I'm not scared of any terminal usage or anything like that as I do some web dev stuff on the side and prefer using Linux, but I'm super new to the audio side of Linux. I'm used to the interface just being recognized from the get-go in Reaper for Windows, so I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks a ton, and hope everyone is doing well!


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