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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Some questions re the slowness people are seeing:

1) I hear two things; one is that quitting REAPER and restarting REAPER makes the slowness go away. The other is that you must reboot or log out? Which one is it?

2) Can you trigger the slowness without using any scripts? I know you can see it with a portable install, but can you get it to that state with a blank portable install?

3) In the task manager you can choose to show user and GDI objects for a process. What's REAPER's values looking like?
1. For me it is definitely rebooting.

2. I will try to do that and report back.

3. Didnít even know this existed At the moment it says 368. But the system isnít completely in the state of a slowed down MIDI editor. Iíll also report back when I get the system far enough.

Thanks for chiming in btw!
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