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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
I know about Windows7 EOL is coming up, but it is not Windows8 EOL? so should not Windows7 users be "forced whiptie-doo'ed" / upgraded into 8 first, not 10?
.. not that this might be happy nation XP anyway, just thinking..
The two touchscreen devices I have running Windows 8.1 have official support until January 10 2023, and for that reason I am leaving them as Windows for now. When their expire date closes in though, I plan to turn them into Linux machines along with all the Win7 machines that are now running Linux.

Interesting side note: Yesterday the Linux media machine in my living room was acting up and I identified that it's power supply was going out. Since that is one of the machines with an Intel CPU that will never get a fix through microcode from Intel to address the mds security flaw, I pulled that machine and put my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in it's place. I have xfce setup on the Pi, installed Kodi for it, and configured it to work with my existing media center remote control. The thing acts and performs just as well as the full computer it replaced, so that media machine is officially retired now, and I have fewer Intel processors to worry about.

At least Microsoft is Big Company (with reputation to loose) been around for a loooooong time, and if a programmer does crap that is out of line there, fixed+fired! *I hope*
One thing is MS and their business gets my info for everything to work, another if bad-trolls get it.. and I hope MS make it their business to protect us. (Optimistic theory)

On the Linux side I download a whole Distro.iso from some dude/dudette I don't know, but hey, it's open source, all is well.. eum?
.. not that simple should I be picky and I have been on Windows for so long obviously feel safer in their arms (for now)
So for Linux, it helps if the Distro have been around for a while without bad oopsies.
I use bogus information everywhere I have to enter information. Even on my music page I am Glennbo Dood from Carrier, IP, USA.

I don't trust Microsoft more because of their big company status, and actually trust them less since their business model has shifted from one that was making money off of sales of operating systems to one that now makes money from data harvesting their users information. YOU are Microsoft's product now!
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