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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
Doesn’t even need another track. Have the compressor put its output on an unused pair of track channels (3/4 or whatever) and send those to channels 1/2 on the verb. If compression isn’t severe enough, you might try the ducking mode in ReaGate.

But yeah that’s not exactly the same as having the reverb itself ducking behind the sax. For that, you really will need a second verb track unless you want everybody’s reverb ducking to the sax.
I guess we're solving a problem that doesn't need to be solved, but I'm curious now.. (so, pardon, to the OP for slightly sidetracking this thread).

With what you're saying ashcat, wouldn't the un-verbed sax be compressed then? Or would doing what you're saying basically create sort of a split routing where the uncompressed audio continues down the FX chain and the compressed audio goes o ff to the verb channel? I kind of figured there was probably a way to do it on one track, but I stumbled on this part.

Edited: answered my own question. I am still fairly green to Reaper, but I didn't realize that the audio would still continue on down the FX chain as though the compressor didn't do anything to it. So much to learn with this stuff, but there are a lot of smart people here to sponge off of!
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