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Originally Posted by spk77 View Post
ReaTeam Scripts/Various/Track Tags (based on Tracktion 6 track tags) [v0.3.0 -> v0.3.1]
v0.3.1 by spk77  November 26 2019
  - A complete overhaul of the mouse/GUI code (still WIP)
  - Space bar: run action "Transport: Play/stop"
  - Left click (on the GUI) and drag to move the script window
  - Drag and drop to dock (Positions: left, top left, top right and right)
  - Double click on the GUI to (temporarily) show all tracks
  - Restore focus back to REAPER on mouse button release (TCP, arrange view or selected envelope)
(This new quick docking system probably won't be working for everyone, but I wanted to include it anyway...)
very nice!
is it on ReaPack alrdy?
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