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Originally Posted by todoublez View Post
just tried it out, wrks well except the drag'n'drop docking feature.
perhaps its becuz my Mac system.

just one little suggestion here ;p :

tags backgorund follow tracks color. it would b super handy, at least u don't have to find what ur looking for by name when there r many tags in a proj.
its always easier to tell which spot should I looking for with color coding tracks when thrr r hundred of tracks ,which means it could be 25+ tags

anyways this is a great Script, I simply love it!
Coloring support will be added soon.

I can't test it on Mac, so here are some questions:
  1. Does the drag'n'drop feature work at all?
  2. Are you able to move the script window by left clicking on the script window (not on the title bar) and then dragging the mouse?
  3. Do you have multiple monitors?
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