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Originally Posted by Robert Randolph View Post
ReWorked is a cool project, and I'm glad you published your work.

However, this does come back to another point I brought up. What if your project becomes more popular than the defaults? That's going to pose a fairly significant problem in culture, user support and put the developers in a strange place if they wish to adopt your work.

If your project becomes popular enough then that would indicate to me that it's possible (again, ReaMenus) to make a fairly significant improvement over the defaults.

But that comes with the pain of changing a lot of documentation, videos, tutorials, posts etc... So it can't be done lightly (or at all?).

It's a really strange spot for the developers to be in, but it is awesome that people like you even have the ability to do something about it.
I look at REAPER as a sort of linux of DAWs - so REAPER ReWorked is something like Ubuntu I guess? Who supports Ubuntu? Linus or Ubuntu authors? So I think the problem of it getting popular is me being in a strange place too. I'm still thinking how to solve documentation side of things and I count on donations/premium content to cover that part over time. But I still need to find a volunteer who would write it - money, or no money - it's a big project to write documentation for and I have my ideas on how to do it in the most elegant fashion.

I bet I'm not the only guy who has contemplated this and I bet we will see more of these in the future. Remember Ultraschall ( ? The only problem is that it's in German but that's basically REAPER ReWorked for Podcasters.
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