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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
I look at REAPER as a sort of linux of DAWs - so REAPER ReWorked is something like Ubuntu I guess? Who supports Ubuntu? Linus or Ubuntu authors? So I think the problem of it getting popular is me being in a strange place too. I'm still thinking how to solve documentation side of things and I count on donations/premium content to cover that part over time. But I still need to find a volunteer who would write it - money, or no money - it's a big project to write documentation for and I have my ideas on how to do it in the most elegant fashion.

I bet I'm not the only guy who has contemplated this and I bet we will see more of these in the future. Remember Ultraschall ( ? The only problem is that it's in German but that's basically REAPER ReWorked for Podcasters.
It's funny you mention Ultraschall too, because I've twice had an encounter that went similar to this:

"Oh, so you're using REAPER?"

"No, I'm using Ultraschall".

It's hard not to agree with the concept of "Linux of DAWs", but at the same time that doesn't sound like a particularly positive monicker. There's not too many creative-types that finds "Linux of... anything" to be an attractive proposition.

I lost sight of this myself until I began working with video more. I just wanted to 'get stuff done' and I had no interest in fooling with software, options, plugins, manuals etc... I just wanted to plop some clips in a timeline, fix some colours, draw some lines and render. It gave me some renewed perspective on how frustrating it can be when you want to make music, not 'use the software'.

I still lose sight of this sometimes. It's difficult for 'tweaker' type people to fully internalize that idea that some people have zero interest in tweaking or anything similar.
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