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Originally Posted by nait View Post
All fine... I just dislike the superlatives and these threads do tend to be about attention getting. This product (like any) is not without flaws and complaints should be welcome, when constructive. I hate seeing someone shit all over something the developers put a lot of hard work into, however. Some of your complaints are quite valid, but some are fairly petty or a bit nonsensical (ex. hating a theme before seeing it??) and just seem to serve to make a problem look bigger than it is.

It's the appeal to emotion fallacies the bug me, it's never the actual things that are factually wrong or broken.

There are 98k members here, >3000 people online right now but less than 200 are members - napkin math says that at any give time 15% or so of the visitors never reply because they are guests - they read the posts that are helpful and go on about their day making music. Which means the vast majority of people using Reaper aren't replying here.

As someone who has literally thousands of posts directly helping users be successful (minus my lounge days lol), from the hip remarks that it's a terrible place is inaccurate and unwarranted. This is also not the first time the OP used click bait titles to get attention to their rants - IF it is truly that valid, and a true desire to help it needs no such titling and so on.

That said, the member Airon is one of the few who actually get this whole explain and complain methodology right. Most can only dream of providing bug reports and feature requests with the maturity, accuracy and class he does.
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