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Originally Posted by vdubreeze View Post
This doesn't describe Robert by a looooong shot. Robert writes, what I consider, one of the best DAW user blogs out there, and has been writing extensive and well informed (and even handed) overviews of DAWs and plugins for a long time. And an excellent musician to boot. I hate to say it, but responding in that manner is an example of part of why this forum has the rep he describes. You start with the assumption that he's a dolt and take it from there. It's a real swing-and-a-miss.

Actually, the first thing that occurred to me regarding the forum perception is that I belong to a food coop in Brooklyn (a large and long historied one, often written about). And if you ask anyone who doesn't belong to it what its like you'll get negative responses alluding to elitist leftist attitudes, stubborn hippies and stories of horrendous shopping and work shifts. But if you ask someone who actually belongs to it they'll always say it's terrific, not hippie slanted at all, insanely friendly and not elitist at all. Etc, etc. But no one comes to the coop to interview people the periodic article on it, they always stop people in the neighborhood and get that same ill informed story. I don't think it even matters what the Cockos forums contain for people to have their negative opinions about it.
If you write a lousy post you get a lousy answer. The thread title was crap to start. I just reread the title and it's really stupid.
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