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Originally Posted by vdubreeze View Post
Respectfully, it seems more like you're determined to not get past the title to the post itself. You can say it was an ill advised title and the attempt at humor hurt his point, but to say flatly it's a "lousy post" says more, to me, about the author of this post than the author of that one. Seriously, Robert has been contributing well thought out (and thoughtful) posts here for a long time, and he knows Reaper (and literally most other DAWs) extremely deeply. Whether you agree with him or not is one thing, but you started barking up the wrong tree before reading the post. A good example of why people who find out that coming to the Cockos forums is a necessity for using Reaper sometimes decide to bail.
Luckily, posts titled "Reaper Sucks", etc. and "Reasons i am moving away from REAPER" should keep them sticking around. :P
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