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Originally Posted by AdamWathan View Post
Still no idea how to even use custom cursors in OS X, nothing has been said about it since they were first introduced on the Windows version :/
On Windows, you create a folder in your REAPER directory called "Cursors". Put the files named "xxx.cur" in that folder and restart REAPER. xxx can be any of the following:

arrow, actions_dd, menus_dd, dock_resize, envcp_resize, fx_dd, fx_dd_no, fx_resize, tcppane_resize, fader_v, fader_h, fader_hpan, toolbar_move, mcp_routing_dd, mcp_fx_dd, mcp_resize, tcp_routing_dd, tcp_resize, env_pencil, env_pt_move, env_pt_bez, env_seg, env_addpt, arrange_dd_tonew, arrange_dd_copy, arrange_slide, arrange_move, itemfx_dd, itemfx_dd_no, arrange_snapoffs, arrange_itemvol, arrange_leftstretch, arrange_rightstretch, arrange_dualstretch, arrange_leftresize, arrange_rightresize, arrange_dualedge, arrange_fadein, arrange_fadeout, arrange_freesize, arrange_timeitemsel, arrange_notes, arrange_ibeam, arrange_timesel, arrange_scroll, arrange_handscroll, arrange_armedaction, ruler_marker, ruler_scroll, ruler_timesel, arrange_pencil, midi_vellane_size, midi_loopend, midi_itemleft, midi_itemright, midi_vol, midi_noteedge, midi_note, midi_bg, midi_timesel, midi_regionedgemidi_loopadd, midi_marker, midi_armedaction, midi_inlinehand

This should be the same for OSX. I'm not sure if it's implemented yet though. Nonetheless, the PT cursors for REAPER Mac are almost done anyways. A bit of a head start.

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