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Default Implode 2 mono to 1 stereo, and, get rid of takes

You've imported some multitrack project and now you have 16 mono tracks, but these are actualy stereo pairs so you would like to end up with 8 stereo tracks. No problem, import this to your actions, and use it:

Implode 2 mono items to 1 stereo item.ReaperKeyMap


You like to record MIDI or audio in a loop to nail down the exact groove for that phrase you're been working on for hours, but then when you want to play it back so you can chop up the pieces you like, takes system (which is indeed magnificient in other situations) gets in your way. This is the exact moment where you would like to have your recorded track played back continously, regardless of how you've recorded it - cyclic. No problem, import this to your actions and use it:

Explode all takes (in order, glued).ReaperKeyMap


As always, SWS Extensions are required (Reaper wouldn't be REAPER without them )
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