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Default Let's continue Ninjam development!

Ninjam is a great piece of software because it allows musicians from across the world to play together. The stand-alone clients and server seem to no longer be under development and the code risks "bitrotting" to the point where it no longer works.

I recently fixed up the curses client for Linux x86-64. After seeing all the various "Ninjam doesn't compile under ..." posts on this forum it is clear that we need to actively maintain the code.

People have also created interesting patches to extend the clients or protocol. And much more can be done if it is possible to get those patches merged into new releases.

As a first step I have created a git repository that contains the Windows, Mac OS X, and curses stand-alone clients. It also contains the server:

Next, we need to find more people who are willing to review and merge patches for the Windows client, Mac OS X client, and server. (I am happy to support the curses client.)

At that point we can register a domain, fork Ninjam under a new name, and run an active open source project that continues to improve Ninjam and make it available to users. If Justin/Cockos allow it, maybe the project can take on the official Ninjam name rather than being a fork.

In summary:
* In order to continue developing Ninjam we need an open source project.
* If you want to help maintain the stand-alone clients or server, please reply.
* If you have patches you'd like included, please reply.
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