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Hi all,

I can report that I managed to create a PYTHON script with buffered couplers with REAPER as front end.

Here is what I did:

Function wich handles notes
When manual is guest in a coupler and velocity from midi message is larger then 0:
1. Send note on to that manual
2. If a coupler is engaged send note to coupler

When manual is host in a coupler and velocity from midi message is 0:

When velocity guest is 0:
1. If a coupler is engaged and the velocity of the same note of the other manual = 0 send note to coupler and manual

At last:

When no coupler is engaged: sent the midi message to the manual.

Function Engaging coupler
Sent pending note-on messages from host manual buffer to coupler

Class list state manuals
f.e. midi note 36 pedal stays in bfr_pdl[36].dt1,dt2 and dt3.

This contains alwas the actual state of the manual.

Now I can test it. What about latency/polyphony?

I do not say it is easy, but it is done!

Kind regards,

Jan Flikweert

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