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An external Python script handles note on/off messages from midi keyboard, has a console to toggle stops, vibrato and couplers on/off.

In REAPER I have 153 tracks with each track a vsti instrument with Sforzando.
Maybe over the top and I do not use them all together, but it is very nice.

The samples in the SFZ files for Sforzando are recorded from my digital Domus organ. I edited the samples in SPEAR. It is wowing how clean these samples are and how well preserved the harmonics of the samples are!

I created also some mixtures with the program Polyphone.

My digital Domus organ has 95 stored stops in memory and 31 physical stops(real stops) on the console. My digital Domus Organ has 2 manuals and a pedal. I added a keyboard. So I have 3 manuals and a Pedal.

The couplers should be done in Python script or REAPER because they must be stored in a memory for my music library. Each piece of music one recerd with f.e. 30 combinations.

It provides a better quality of the sound.

I use Liquidsonics Reverberate plugin in REAPER to add reverb.

Of course I should like to create this in REAPER script/JSFX, but I did not manage to understand handling midi messages and buffered midi in REAPER.

The goal of this project is to replace open source programs and use REAPER.

One of my wishes is to use the Linuxsampler VSTi plugin. This is possible but Linuxsampler gets messed around with more then one track containing Linuxsampler plugin. So actually at the moment Linuxsampler plugin is limited to 16 instruments. Nice, but not enough.

There should also be a possebillaty to run Linuxsampler standalone, send a script file to Linuxsampler and let Linuxsampler send output to REAPER. This requires: cat yourscript.lscp | netcat localhost 8888. Not so easy in Windows!

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Jan Flikweert

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