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With the word "front-end" I mean that the VSTi instrument plugin is placed in REAPER and REAPER processes the sound. Maybe not the correct word "front-end".

My goal is to process so many as possible in REAPER. Because I did not manage to process (buffered)midi in a proper way in REAPER I use PYTHON. Audio processing stays in REAPER.

There is a possibillty to run Linuxsampler standalone. You can run this frm REAPER or PYTHON. But this is open source and asking questions at developers and forum will not work there.

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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Nice but dios not answer the question about what is meant by "front end" and what exactly technically is the back end and what is the communication channel between back and front.

BTW.: if you can do Python, I suppose there are audio libraries and on top of that "Sampler" libraries for Python. Those could run in an external program that maybe can be linked wirth Reaper via ReaRourte.

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