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Originally Posted by maxdembo View Post
Considering the only difference between this and the 12 is MIDI in/out and the extra channels, and I'm not sure the MIDI is worth it, I'm thinking I shoulda got the 16 or 24 for future proofing. Its interesting that the mixer comes with a bunch of presets for all the major DAW's except Reaper. Not quite sure why that is?
I'm pretty sure the mixer et al is all digital in the 12 and/or 16 but I'd need to confirm for the 16 as I can't remember. The 24 is literally an analog mixer with a digital recorder attached with some hybrid options. This is why the 12 can be a MIDI controller and the 24 cannot be a MIDI controller.

That's what I was looking for so I'm cool with that (amazed someone designed what I actually wanted for a change LOL) and FYI, pretty sure the analog summing thing won't be the same in the 12 because it's mixer is digital IIRC. So even though all three are from the same product, the 24 differs quite a bit from the other two.
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