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Originally Posted by maxdembo View Post
Interesting. I'm looking over the specs of all three but I cant see where that info is, or how it would be displayed.
It's in various reviews on YT and I think in the block diagrams in the manuals. The feature pages sneakily imply it but omit saying it directly but it is so, the fact that the 24 can't be a MIDI controller is because the mixer section is fully analog instead of encoders etc.

Tascam 16: "All-In-One Mixing Studio"

Tascam 24: "The best of both worlds, the TASCAM Model 24 is a full featured 24 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder and 24 Channel USB Audio Interface with integrated Analog Mixdown capabilities. "

The term analog doesn't exist on the 12 or 16 feature lists - but that isn't a deal breaker - I'm sure most people prefer the controller/digital features vs me so they are just trying to cover all the bases me thinks. I just happened across it because the EQs etc. on the are analog and so on but again it's purely horses for courses here.
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