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Originally Posted by Judders View Post
Looks cool!

What's the attack and release on the compressors like? Is the EQ useable? And no solo buttons?
I have no idea on the compressor times as it doesn't appear to be published - I hear they are program dependent and not super fast per se - they sound to me not like character but more "use me sparingly to tame the incoming signal" as I haven't tested them much but slamming them didn't sound so great to me at least on bass and guitar. Light to moderate seemed OK though and better than not being able to at all on the way in IMHO.

I dig the EQ so it's useable and it sounds analog for sure. Yea, no solo, kind of annoying.

One cool feature I found by accident is if you have a channel live but forget to record enable it, hit record and think you are recording and you are not.... You can after the fact, "mix down" whatever was on the master at the time to a file and reimport that to a track. So this happened to me and I was able to print to a file, then import that back to the track that it should have been recorded to, had I not forgotten to record enable. That only worked because there weren't any other tracks playing FYI.

TLDR: if you click record on transport, it always records whatever is going through the master regardless, which is a nice thing to have. That's also how you would do an old school bounce down of several tracks, just an extra step to import.
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