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Default Tascam Model 24 - Love it!

A buddy and I bought the Tascam Model 24 as well since he works much better focusing on the recording aspect in the analog domain - just watching him work it's so much faster than I could do it in the digital domain in Reaper - plus no worrying about running out of laptop battery, system crashes, etc. Recording new tracks is super-efficient too once you get the mechanics down. I didn't even consider using it as an analog summer; that's brilliant. Did I mention the ability to capture an entire band live? That alone is fantastic. Plus being able to just pop the SSD card out and into your laptop to pull into Reaper vs having to connect and import via USB is really convenient. The only thing I wish they added was the ability to record to two SSD cards at once just like your standard DSLR Cameras for the occasional SSD card that gets corrupted or dies.

If they were somehow able to keep all the analog components while letting you go into a different mode to use as a controller for Reaper, that would be absolutely fantastic. The only other thing that would really make this stand out is to be able to daisy chain multiples as Master-Slave to expand to 48 tracks or more. Currently, I don't think that is possible, but if anyone figured out how to do it, let us know!
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