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Originally Posted by maxdembo View Post
It'd still report the round trip in the top right of Reaper tho, at least thats the numbers I'm referring to anyway. I might have got it confused as to what the difference between the two numbers actually mean tho tbh.
Yea, I just didn't care/look at the time since that isn't what I was using it for.

However, if you set it up as ASIO in reaper.. "Model Mixer ASIO", then click "ASIO Configuration", you'll see the Tascam control panel, you can (or at least I can), slide that all the way down to the lowest buffer... Which showed 1.0/5.0 ms in reaper, I didn't test it but based on your explanation that's where you want to lower it.

IIRC the two numbers combined are round trip/from/to total latency as reaper sees it.
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