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Originally Posted by maxdembo View Post
Its more the difference I find intriguing, latency itself I understand with regard to the asio setting. For example the 1.0/5.0, the 43/63 at the highest buffer, but the new Focusrite is 1/1. 1.8 is 1.8, 43 is 43.

EDIT: I think I posted before I saw your last sentence
That all depends on how each individual interface driver reports it's own latency. To find the true end-to-end latency (which those number will be close to), you'd have to disable "use driver reported latency", then do a loopback test and measure the difference between the sent audio track and received audio track.

Since sometimes the real latency isn't exactly what was reported to reaper, you can use that delta in the playback/record offset settings to get a sample accurate latency compensation. Except when you are doing this adjustment, you leave use driver reported checked because it's only the delta you want.
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