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Originally Posted by maxdembo View Post
So in real terms of just daily use, the difference between the two is of no importance really? The 5ms for the Tascam being so low to be nigh on invisible and the 1/1 (if it works that low, we'll go with hypothetical yes for now ) of the Focusrite being obviously equal? If those numbers are true tho, technically the Focusrite is a little more of a winner?

Basically, it doesnt matter tho
I don't normally care about them individually since it's the total round trip latency I usually deal with. As far 1.0/5.0, that's likely low enough for most purposes. Meaning, I can set my RME UFX to 128 samples = 3.2/4.0 and play VSTi drums with my drum pads just fine.
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