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Originally Posted by fuzzball View Post
Attached is a sample RPP file and here is the link to the resulting MOV file.

I wonder if you were to render it on your computer if it would be any smoother?
I tried it and was able to reproduce the problem! The conditions of my previous test were not quite right. The bad news is: you can't fix this directly :-(
but there is a excellent workaround! :-) The basic idea is to write the text at maximum size on a transparent png and then zoom and move the image itself.

so the recipe is:
1) generate a small transparent png (10x10 is enough!)
2) insert the image as an item
3) add "Resize track/item to project dimensions - video processor" with
"preserve aspect=0"
4) add "Overlay: text" or equivalent and put the lyrics at maximum width
5) add "Image overlay - video processor" with 2 or 3 envelopes: zoom, y, (x),]
I strongly suggest "filter=1" for smoother text and make sure alpha is on.

The result is super smooth.
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